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Hello, Core ML 3

Published: 06/19/19

On-device training was once a dream then a reality with Core ML 3. Learn how to generate an updatable Core ML model with CoreMLTools.

Logistic Regression with SciKit-Learn

Published: 05/02/19

Like all simple and multiple regression analysis, logistic regression is also a predictive analysis. The only difference is that while simple and multiple regression returns a quantitative response, logistic regression returns a binary response.

Multiple Linear Regression with SciKit-Learn

Published: 05/01/19

Multiple Linear Regression is just like Simple Linear Regression but with more than one predictor. Learn how to perform this type of regression using SciKit-Learn!

Hello, Closures

Published: 4/29/19

Closures or completion blocks in Swift is a neat way of passing functions to a function for different use cases. They are generally used for adding code after a function has finished executing. Learn how they work!

Communication Patterns

Published: 4/24/19

Communication patterns generally shine in programming paradigms like Model View Controller or Model-View-ViewModel. In this article, I’m going to talk about two communication patterns: Notifications and Observers, and Protocols and Delegates.

Best Resources and Practices for Aspiring iOS Developers

Republished: 4/22/19

Best resurces for iOS development and some advice from a self-taught developer

Vision Framework with Core ML

Published: 4/5/19

The Vision framework performs face and face landmark detection, text detection, barcode recognition, image registration, and general feature tracking. Vision also allows the use of custom Core ML models for tasks like classification or object detection.

Simple Linear Regression

Published: 03/20/19

Linear regression is applied to cases in which two variables are related. The main idea is when you are given a set of data points, your task is to find a line that best fit the data points. There are many ways to solve this, and the most effective way of finding the line of best fit is the least-squares method.

Hypothesis Testing

Published: 03/16/19

A beginners approach to hypothesis teting and calculating test statistics the programmatic way.